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Hey gorgeous! My name is Katie + I'm the woman behind Babe co. (formerly Metal Marvels). I believe in breaking down the ideals of being "ladylike" and being yourself. If you want to know our brand story, I highly recommend listening above because let's be honest, I'm way more fucking fun to listen to, haha. Otherwise, keep on reading!  


Metal Marvels was started in 2012, by me, with big dreams and no solid plan yet for making them happen. I knew I wanted to build a brand and a place for people to be themselves without fear of judgment. With messaging that is always that it is more than OK to be yourself even if others don't like it. Far too often in society, we're told to be like others to be liked + quite frankly I think that's bullshit. Eventually, I noticed that people were gravitating towards the posts and items where I was myself, bold pieces, items with profanity (my favorite fucking language), etc. and I started realizing that there was a void in the jewelry department for women like me. Jewelry for those of us who aren’t necessarily looking for cute and sweet and really want something that fits our boldness. The mantra jewelry that was on the market was just too fucking boring.

We rebranded logo and product, and the Expletives® collection was born! Expletives are an exclusive collection created and owned by Metal Marvels. Which has now also grown into so many things! Product lines inspired by you, where being bold meets real life and boring mantras get a kick in the ass. My goal is to provide you with products that distinguish you from the rest. I want to inspire more people to wear what they want, dress how they want, think how they want, and be themselves. I want to make you feel like you can conquer the world however you choose, to be yourself unapologetically, to not care what others think + to kick ass in life.

We celebrated 10 years in business in December 2022, and for a while I hadn't felt like the name truly matched the brand anymore. So after asking our customers what words + feelings they associated with our brand + wearing our brand, I took those words and BABE was created. Badass, bold, and empowered!

I will always encourage kindness, heavy coffee drinking + lots of cursing. I absofuckinlutely want you to be yourself + hope you feel that here + with our products. So buy the badass jewelry even if others don't like it, live for you, do what makes you happy regardless of what other people think. Create your dreams according to your plans; hustle no matter what your goals are and keep working until you can live your daydream. I want you to stand out, stand up for yourself, be confident, stop caring what people think, and be you, unapologetically.

You're a badass, own your life, conquer it & make it your bitch. We're here to make sure you feel empowered while doing it.

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