Why Women March: Halsey 2018 Speech

Someone commented on our post on Instagram asking "why are they marching?" and she was a woman. I stared at the comment baffled. 

There was another comment that spewed hatred about the left political party and people who follow and that people "asked for it." I deleted almost immediately because I refuse to get into an argument when she clearly doesn't understand and is lucky enough to not be in this group of women who have to come together because of such a dark issue that happened to them personally, happened to their best friend, or any other woman they know.

If you're a woman and don't understand, just listen to Halsey and her speech at the 2018 Women's March in New York.


This is not about politics. This is about women, safety, and well being. No woman should live in fear that the length of her skirt will determine whether she's sexually assaulted that night. Women forced to carry mace, pepper spray, tasers and guns to protect themselves. We cannot continue to live in a world where women keep silent because of fear of repercussions. We cannot continue to live in a world where ANYONE thinks it's ok to take advantage, abuse power, or force themselves on someone who does not want it. 

We must ALL do better. Men. Women. Everyone. We must all be a force and force this to stop. No one should have to live in fear. Clothing is not synonymous with consent. Gender is not synonymous with consent. Yes. That's what give you consent. If no, or any other similar word is used, you do not have consent. Don't be a dick. Walk away with your bruised ego and go about your fucking day. 

Times up. People are speaking up. People are standing up to the issue. It ends here. 


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