Want to Succeed at Life? Be Like the Sky.

I know you're reading the title like well I'm not huge and blue soooo?
Well it rained in So Cal on Sunday and Monday. It subsided late Monday afternoon so I knew it was going to be a really good sunset. However, must do errands got in the way and I had to go to Target instead of the beach to watch. As I headed to Target I got to look at this gorgeous sky. 

Not too bad right!? Just the sky showing off again. So went to Target, did some grocery shopping, the typical aimlessly wandering & usual convincing myself I don't need things. So as I was finishing up, I walked out of Target in pure awe of the sky. I walked out and saw this...

Ugh, just look at it. Well it got me thinking about the sky and how we should all be more like it. Here's what I'm talking about, the sky puts up with a storm for a day and a half (longer in other places) and in the end, when its over, it comes back and shines even brighter and more beautiful than before .

We can take this into our lives! No matter what life throws at you, no matter what storms you go through daily, you too can come out shining brighter and more beautiful than ever. Rough times only break you if you let them. You have the ability to make life your bitch. Weather the storm, then come out fighting. Come out swinging. Stand her looking life in the eye and say "Try me bitch!"

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