Uterus w/ a Middle Finger: An Empowering Symbol of Women

The uterus symbol is a powerful representation of the fight for reproductive rights. It embodies the idea that all people should have control over their own bodies and reproductive choices. By embracing the uterus symbol, we are declaring our commitment to fighting for gender equality and the right to access safe and affordable healthcare. Because that's what abortions are, HEALTHCARE.


It is important to recognize that the fight for reproductive rights is not just a women's or uterus owners issue, but a human rights issue that affects everyone. The removal of bodily autonomy in any aspect in an extremely slippery slope that ends in the government telling you you can't have your teeth cleaned without permission. Let's continue to stand together and demand the right to make our own choices about our bodies and our futures.

If you are a uterus owner, and not wanting to have kids right now, please get on birth control, use protection, manually track your periods + even track ovulation so you know which days to avoid sex completely. If you think there is a chance, test early! The earlier you know, the better. And make sure you are also aware of the up-to-date laws in your state, should you need it! Stay safe babes. 🖤

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