This is 32. My wish for you!

Welp, this is 32

Ok, technically this picture was 31 years, 11 months, and 28 days or some shit haha. 🤣 But, today marks my 32 years alive. I’m not afraid of 32, or getting older, by any means because getting older means I’m alive. It’s just simply weird to say I’m 32.

My body, mind, soul, etc. is a mixture of ages. While my spirit, drive, and mind feel about 23 every day, my heart and soul feel like I’m 40. My body is usually 32 but sometimes at a worn out 56 lol.

When I hit high school, I started planning the inevitable “timelines” for my life. I was hell-bent on being married and with child by 25. So much so it ended a relationship that meant the world to me. Yet over time, I’ve realized where my joy in life centers and while those things are wanted, I’ve evolved to find joy in the empowering of others, the giving to others, the daily hustle and busting my ass, and creating something that not one single person other than myself can take fucking credit for.

I no longer set deadlines for my life but instead goals and plans to achieve them. Like the idea of choosing to have babies on my own, should someone else not come along. While that’s a time sensitive manner (thanks biology), it’s still on my terms and deciding to make it happen. To not wait on other people for anything. To create the life I want, all on my own.

Not everyone understands the life I live, the choices I make, the way I work, etc. but the beauty of it is that it’s my life to make those choices for. While I’ve made it 32 years today, no one knows how long we’ve got left. So my choice in life is to live it the way I choose, to make myself happy, and in turn do something with my life that brings joy/happiness/strength/encouragement to other people.

My wish, on my birthday, is that YOU stop living your life for someone else. Stop doing what others want you to do and do what YOU want to do. Stop making choices for your life based on what others may feel or think about them. Quit the job you fucking hate. Leave the person who treats you like shit. Drop those toxic people in your life. LOVE that person you’ve been afraid to. We’ve only got one shot at life, so live it for you. 


  • Crystal

    You’re fucking amazing. Thank you for doing what you do and empowering SO MANY!! 😘🤘

  • Leah

    Happy birthday Katie!
    That’s a great message, love it. And actually, I’ve been working on this a bit too! I just started a goals journal to help me detail and plan for what I fucking want and how I will achieve it. Thanks for sharing. 💜✨

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