Our Instagram was Suspended AGAIN 🙄

For the 5th, maybe 6th time, in as many months our Instagram has been suspended again. The past times, I’ve appealed and wishing 24-48 hours I have the account back. This time, that’s not happening.

This time, it’s been TWO WEEKS and we still don’t have it back. I have told them that we are being targeted by at least one person I know specifically and have proof of. So far they don’t give a shit.

This business is my livelihood and a large part of our traffic comes from our Instagram page which at the time, had over 90,000 followers. So to say they’re damaging my business is an understatement. At a time where small businesses have had a rough 2.5 years, it’s horrible and heartbreaking.

If you know anyone at Meta or IG please have them get in contact with me. For the time being, PLEASE follow our backup account at Instagram.com/metalmarvelsbackup

They decided to suspend us 5 days before a scheduled rebrand launch, throwing an even bigger wrench into my business. Follow the backup so you don’t miss the rebrand, and as always, the best place to get early sale access, product release info, and more is on our VIB email list: metalmarvels.com/VIB

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