Metal Marvels x Girls, Inc. of Orange County: Nevertheless, She Persisted.

I am honored, excited, thrilled, happy, and just bursting to tell you that we have partnered with Girls, Inc. of Orange County to donate a portion of all sales to them from our - Nevertheless, She Persisted - bangles! 

5% of ALL sales from this bangle will be donated directly to Girls, Inc. of Orange County.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

I personally chose Girls,Inc. because what they stand for perfectly aligns with our brand. They inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. As do we for women. Did you know women make up just 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs, and less than 25% of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) workforce? At Girls Inc. of Orange County, girls learn to be leaders in every aspect of their lives, building skills and confidence they carry into their academic and professional careers. The organization provides programs in communities throughout Orange County, with priority given to those areas where the need is greatest. They offer girls elementary and teen after-school and summer programs designed to improve self-esteem, boost grades, prepare for higher education, become active in their communities, explore science, math, and technology, become economically independent women. Encouraging women to persist, starts early. Encouraging young women to be bold, stand up for themselves, and create a flourish future for themselves is setting our future generations up for nothing but success. 

You all have been amaaazing and we've sold so many. Our first donation is slated to be over $500 right now and that's if we don't sell another bangle. So you can purchase a gorgeous bangle with a great meaning, all while giving back to an amazing organization.


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