International Women's Day: Woman Owned Businesses

Being a woman and being a brand all about women + women empowerment, I fucking love this day. Women should be celebrated every day. Women are powerful beings. Women are the strongest people on earth. Women are remarkable creatures that deserve recognition. Today is also the Day Without a Woman movement. With it being a double whammy for the celebration of women, I want to encourage you to shop today with ONLY women owned businesses today. Visit your local coffee shops or cafes owned by women, and to help with other shopping needs, I've got you covered. We've got our jewels, badass clothing, amazing handmade leggings, mama accessories, kids clothing, skin care and more!

I've partnered with a huge group of women CEOs who are all coming together to give YOU a bitchin discount today ONLY.

will get you 20% off all the shops below including Metal Marvels!
(not valid on orders placed before this email)

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Metal Marvels //
Zions Den //
Sharks in Stilettos //
Millioneiress //
Legendary and Rose //
TGIMonday //
Artists Hope //
Little Hooligans //
Rylee and Roscoe // 
Asher and Olive //
Three 27 Designs //
Little GIpsy //
Mass Production Art //
Cotton Candy Twirls // 
Little Rose Co //
Living the Q Life //
Moots Clothing //
Here to There // 
Wonder Jet // 
NursElet //
Rose and Doll //
Whole Love Organics //
Bear and Bunny Co //
Beau and Grace //
Catherine Mason //
Stitches by Natalie //
Swell and Cloth // 
Little Adventurers //
Petite Hero //
Little Lovelies //
Niccoletti Design //

Let's continue to empower, support + love strong, beautiful + powerful women.

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