#IAmMetalMarvels by our customer Katie E. 


Man where do I start. I don't even know how I came across Katie Seller and Metal Marvels but maybe it was fate. This is my stack so far. #NewCustomerHere 😂

My story is tough to talk about sometimes but I'm feeling inspired and like a bad ass today so here we go.

1. Nevertheless, she persisted: I've been knocked down A LOT. This quote actually is something I tell myself every single day. I live by this like my life depended on it.

2. I refuse to be silenced: I was abused physically and emotionally by an ex fiancé. I let him RUIN me. Something snapped in me one day and I ran. Ran for my life. He stalked me. Followed me. Showed up at my doorstep. Harassed me. Did that until I finally decided to expose him publicly. And let me tell you that moment lit a damn fire in me. No one will ever fucking tell me what to do or control me the way he did ever again.

3. Scars are evidence that you've lived: I lost myself during this process and entered into self harm. Dark dark days I don't think I'll ever want to revisit. But man, looking back, I'm thankful for the help I got and the recovery that I achieved. I have physical scars that will never go away from him and I have physical scars that will never go away because I hated myself enough and was brainwashed to think it was all my fault. But ladies, I am fucking alive and LIVING.

4. SUCCESSFUL AF: I own a business. I have a full time career. I am debt free. I buy expensive shoes. I do what the hell I want and don't have to think twice about it. BUT it wasn't always this way..... keep reading.

5. CAT MOM AF: insert 1000 kitten photos. I rescued two kittens and they saved me. They have been the best therapy for me hands down. They calm me, control my anxiety, and bring me joy. They are crazy ass shitheads for sure but man I love them.

6. I believe in the Hustle: Y'all, 6 years ago I was making barely enough to be comfortable and miserable with my life. I took a chance, made a huge leap, and worked MY ASS OFF. I excelled in my career which provided massive financial gain. That financial gain allowed me to open my own business which donates to animal shelters, and overall my life is good. But I had to fucking HUSTLE to get there.

7. I don't fuck with luck: Period. I don't. You can have anything you want in life as long as you are willing to put the work in. I will always outwork someone and I will always stay 3 steps ahead of the game.

These bangles completely describe my life and all of the heartbreak, struggles, pain, success, wins, & growth. ❤️


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