HUGE News: We're Going to Be In...

Babes, I can't believe I even get to type the rest of this. The rest of this post is why that smile is so big and cheesy haha.

For those of you who don't know, Metal Marvels is currently a one woman operation (that one woman would be me, up there looking cheesy) w/ support form a woman owned fulfillment warehouse. So when I say this place is my baby, I truly mean it. I live and breathe this brand. Before, Metal Marvels was more of just an online boutique and since mid 2016 it's officially become a brand. The Expletives™ collection was created. I knew it would be popular but I don't think even I, the big dreamer, thought it would take shape so quickly the way it has. 

I release bangles and they sell out faster than anything I've ever seen because you all fucking rock. I am immensely in love with the fact that there's this community of you babes who connect with the products I put out and the message of our brand. I always get the best messages, comments and reviews from you guys. Some make my cry, some make me literally laugh out loud, and some make me extremely grateful that a bangle can mean so much. 

So one day I got a contact form email from the site assuming it was one of you babes while shopping. It wasn't. It was a buyer from Hallmark. Yea that Hallmark, the Hallmark stores where you go to buy cards and shit lol. That is the reason I did a quick turnaround trip to MAGIC trade show in Vegas.

I had a meeting with them and get this, THEY WANT TO CARRY MY EXPLETIVES™ BANGLES IN THEIR STORES..... Yea, I died and said quite a few "Holy fuck's" as I walked away haha. While there's a LOT that goes into that process, just the fact that they want to is so damn amazing. So while that might not happen officially until next year, I'm telling you now because.....

I am doing Pop Up Shopping Events in their stores! The dates below you can shop Expletives™ in person. Holy shit right?! Right now we're just set for the Manhattan Beach & NY stores but if those go well I think Texas is the next plan, probably more in California, and who knows. There's 300 corporate stores I could be in. None of this would have been possible without all of you. Legit. From the bottom of my heart, I simply love and adore you all. As they get closer I'll send out specifics of store locations, hours I'll be there, etc. I hope to see so many of you there!!! ♥

April 15th 2017 - Manhattan Beach 

Amy's Hallmark #443 Manhattan Village
3200 N Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

May 6th 2017- Manhattan Beach 

Amy's Hallmark #443 Manhattan Village
3200 N Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

May 11th - NY store near Wallstreet!! (Freaking out about this one)

May 13th 2017- Staten Island Mall Store
May 12th 2017- Staten Island Store

Still freaking out over here. Hope to meet some of you there! 
Oh and my photoshoot was with the amazing photog @girrlscoutphoto

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  • Grace

    Yay!!! I’m a newbie to MM (actually got my 1st package today ? oh and a keychain for my husband, which he loves ?). Super happy for you and the MM brand! Totally supportive of your hustle and totally down to drive a couple hours to Manhattan Beach come spring and add to my baby stack!!!

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