Grab your tamagotchi, lace up your converse, + stack these babies up!

We’re bringing the 90s back.

Our way of course. We’ve seen that 90s fashion is making a comeback. While we don’t love the mom jeans, we’re here for butterfly clips, tamagotchis, slip dresses, and 90s grunge making a comeback. But we thought the era needed a bit more sass and profanity. So we created it.

Just launched are these oh so perfect mix between 90s and today. A bead + chain bracelet with sassy words you can stack up to create an empowered stack of your own. These bracelets are simply retro perfection.



You should definitely check out the Reel we made! Drop a comment on which bracelet is your fave. I personally love em all, but Fuck off + Badass were the first in rotation. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these every day damn.

Shop the new bracelets here

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