Doing It Alone, Is Good For Your Health... ♥

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Hey gorgeous babe!

Today we're talking about a REALLY important subject. 
Ready for this? We're talking about YOU.
When is the last time you ate out a nice restaurant alone? Saw a movie alone? Got in your car + just drove? Or traveled alone? A lot of people think that being alone isn't a good thing. Trust me, I have my moments where I wish I wasn't alone living the single life over here (single ladies holla!) haha. But beyond romantic relationships sometimes just being around people all the time, having to keep up conversation + put in effort, is draining. Spending time alone can be good for the soul.

A handful of years ago, I had just gotten out of a serious relationship + it 'rocked me like a hurricane' to quote the Scorpions. I was sad, I was angry, + I was sort of lost. I got a rental car, drove 7 hours + ended up in San Francisco for the weekend. Yes this Wanderlust soul went on an adventure. It's always been a favorite place of mine but this escape was different. I treated myself to a nice hotel room, nice meals + did/saw all the things my heart desired. It was in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset that I had one of the most self healing & self reflection times. It healed my heart during a time of need but it also made me realign my focus on to what I wanted out of life. Both these glorious pictures were taken on that day:


It was in that moment that I realized that nothing was going to stand in the way of what I wanted out of life. I decided that unless it was enriching my life or making me richer, I wasn't going to do it. You may be like, "Whoa Katie, that sounds harsh." But let's be honest, how often are you doing things or going places you don't really want to go just to please someone else? Just like last week right? Exactly... Far too often we are more worried about how others perceive us or feel about us, than we are worried about ourselves. I've got news for you girlfriend, at the end of all of this, in reality the only person who will ALWAYS be there for you, is YOU. There is where you start singing 'I Will Always Love You' to yourself.

But realistically, it's true. No matter who comes in and out of your life, you will always have you. Spending time alone allows for self reflection, uninterrupted day dreaming, goal setting, and for some damn good self directed pep talks. Being by yourself is always relaxing because it's less stressful. You're not having to worry about what someone else wants to do. You are the captain of the ship! Trust me when I say, a LOT of my brainstorming + ideas come from time spent alone. This business was started on a beach day I spent alone. No shit. Next week I'm taking a week long trip by myself + it's even out of the country! Hallelujah for some self love time, world exploration + let's be honest, tanning.


I want you to try it. If you're feeling stressed lately, unsure what to do next or where to go from here, GO ON A DATE WITH YOURSELF! Grab a coffee + go sit at a park or sunbathe at the beach. If you've got the time, hop in your car + go some place you've never been. Your date needs to be actually going somewhere that ISN'T in your normal daily routine; grocery store for example.

Take a note pad if you're a note taker like me. I like to jot things down as they come.
Stay off your phone. I simply use it for it's music abilities w/ some headphones in.
Concentrate on relaxing. There's distractions everywhere but it's best to tune them out and tune into yourself.
Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid to do something you wouldn't normally do. Go to a movie. Go to a museum. Take that painting class you've always wanted to take. You deserve all the love so why not give it to yourself. 

 Try it! Send me a snap about your self date!

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Get out there + date yourself!

Love ya Mavens!

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  • Rhonda

    Lovely blog, sweet Katie! People get so wrapped up in running the rat race they forget to take care of the rat…lol Stop, eat some cheese & just BE. I remember those days very well. Being almost 62 & disabled, sometimes I miss the rushing around. It will be a year in Aug since the surgery & I’m still not myself, not just physically but mentally & emotionally. I was reading a book before the surgery & still haven’t finished it. I used to be an avid reader, at least 3 a week. It feels so weird not to be me. I hate having to use a cane to walk. I try to be grateful I’m not paralyzed or worse but some days… Anyway, I love you & am so happy you’re taking time for you. You deserve it.

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