Best Shirts to Wear to Your Conservative Family Christmas

What could be more fun at Christmas than showing up to your conservative family's house with one of these tees? Rile 'em all up with tees about bodily autonomy and a person's right to choose. Blow their damn minds.
One big thing that came out of the last presidency was a break in a lot of relationships. We dealt with a government that wanted nothing more than to divide us, take away rights for women, discriminate against a LOT of people, and spend a fuck ton on the military. Among a plethora of other things.
The fact that the government, or religion, even has a say what we do with our bodies in general, still fucking blows our minds. Or the fact that elected officials use their political beliefs to govern, despite the separation of church and state. A person has the right to choose what to do with their body, no one else. So the fact that laws even have to be made to say that or make that happen, is fucking insane.
The right tend to think the things they do trigger us, buuuuut have you triggered a republican? Oh man it's fun, and entertaining. 

Let us help you do that with these.

1. If I Wanted the Government in my Vagina I Would Have Fucked a Senator

2. My Body My Choice

3. Mine the Uterus flipping the bird

4. Bodily Autonomy

5. If I Wanted the Church in my Vagina I Would Have Fucked a Priest

We are not responsible for what happens when you wear it. But like, we wouldn't mind being tagged in videos, haha.

Happy stirring the fucking pot!

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