Be Brave in the Face of Everything

This post is not a part of our series but sort of is. It's just a post from my heart. A friend of mine, Devin, who owns Zions Den Apparel making kick ass leggings, is struggling. She's been dealing with so much. For the past few weeks, her little guy Denali has been in and out of the hospital, poked, prodded, and sent home with no answers for pain, high fevers, and seizures. 

I can't even imagine going through all of this as parents, and what little Denali is going through. People deal with things so quietly and never really ask for help. Well as a shop owner, I know that large expenses take a toll. I can't image the hospital bills are cheap. 
So I surprised her by starting a YouCaring page for the family.
The nice thing about YouCaring is that they get to keep 100% of the donations. There's no fees like the other donation sites. 
ANYTHING helps. You don't have to donate, but only if you want to. 
Or go shop her site, buy some kick ass leggings & support this mama. 

Devin, you are so strong even if you don't feel it. Take a breath, hug your baby, love on your hubby & Zion and just breathe. We are all sending you love and thoughts and all the well wishes in the world hoping the doctors can hurry and figure out what is going on with Denali. Love ya girl! Be brave and keep going!!

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