ROAK: Randon Acts of Kindness You Can Do Daily

Hey Mavens!

As you know, I try encourage random acts of kindness, giving back & paying it forward. That's the main reason I created the I AM collection. I wanted you ladies to be able to score some gorgeous items while supporting causes that are in need of assistance to help in their very important causes. So I wanted to go beyond that and give you a list of some Random Acts of Kindness that you could do!

Pick one & do it randomly. 

Random acts aren't for recognition, they're simply to aid in restoring good humanity, to make someones day & hopefully encourage them to pass it on to others. 


1. Surprise pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru.
2. Smile at a stranger & say hello!
3. Write a thank-you note and give it with some candy.
4. Make a meal for a family with a newborn.
5. Send a random text of encouragement to one of your contacts.
6. Post an encouraging quote for your social media status.
7. Give hugs freely.
8. Shovel snow for a neighbor.
9. Cut grass for an elderly person.
10. Leave a positive post-it note on your coworker’s computer.
11. Leave some candy on the copy machine at the office.
12. Give the waitress a double tip.
13. Say thank you more than once.
14. Print a list of “things to say to encourage…” and post it on your fridge.
15. Take the neighbor’s trash cans off the curb and place near home.
16. Take time to listen intently.
17. Bake cookies and share them with a nearby nursing home.
18. Pick 5 people and leave an encouraging comment on their Facebook wall.
19. Pack small necessity bags and keep them in your vehicle for the homeless.
20. Smile at the cashier.
21. Keep your cell phone in your pocket when someone is talking to you.
22. Loan a book to your friend when she lost the last one she borrowed.
23. Take a selfie with the “I Love You” sign and send it to your loved one.
24. Write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life. (ie: friend, teacher, etc.)
25. Allow the person behind you to go first.
26. Call the oldest living relatives you have.
27. Send anonymous flowers to the school office.
28. Thank the parking lot attendant and give him a tip.
29. Make two lunches and give one away.
30. Buy Girl Scout cookies; then give them away.
31. Place all the shopping carts in the parking lot into the store storage.
32. Tip the grocery bagger.
33. Write a note and send it in the MAIL..
34. Send an encouraging ecard.
35. See a need and fill it.
36. Hold the door open for someone.
37. Give away your favorite book.
38. Make a cup of tea or coffee for a public service employee.
39. Offer to replace someone’s shopping cart when they’ve unloaded.
40. Let someone else make the choice.
41. Compliment someone on social media.
42. Give up your seat on the bus or shuttle.
43. Give someone the gift of laughter- tell a joke.
44. Round up a box of items to donate to a shelter.
45. Talk to someone who appears lonely.


I LOVE all of these but the social media stood out a lot to me. Far too often today everyone sits behind their screens, throws words around whether they're hateful or just down right mean without thinking of the consequences or person on the other side. So if someone posts a selfie or outfit pic, comment them with a compliment. I guarantee they won't expect it and you'll make their day. Now, go forward and do good!


xo, Katie ♥

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