The Hustle & Flow: Real Talk

Hey Mavens, we're about to get real. Like real, real. 

Being a Girl Boss, on the constant hustle, trying to rule the world, gets fuckin exhausting. I'm convinced that superheros are either snorting cocaine or drinking LOTS of coffee because lez be honest, there's not enough time in the day. There's no time to save the world on top of everything else. Shit, lol. So, for those of you who are new around here, I still have a 9-5 and I'm a one woman show running Metal Marvels.
See? Exhausting.

So, what gets me through the day?
Well besides my absolute love for all of you & all of you wearing our products...
I've got a few things that keep me going (besides naps). Oh and they DON'T involve cocaine, I'm not a superhero haha. Sooo here we go....

Coffee is god. Coffee is heaven. Coffee is KEY if I'm going to even set foot out of bed haha. I have a very specific drink at Starbucks. Venti Iced coffee + 2 add shots + 2 Sweet n' Lows + 4 Pumps Caramel ... Forewarning: DO NOT try it unless you like things REALLY strong and REALLY sweet haha. Sounds like someone I wanna date ;) lol... Sorry, sidetracked. I forego cream for the sweetness. I LOVE it but it is not for everyone. I've recently figured out how to make it at home using my Nespresso machine & instead of the 4 pumps caramel, I use cream. Quite handy to have it accessible at home. Want to woo me? Want to win me over?
The way to my heart? Coffee. 

Hence why I made this tee, because it's my life. And judging by the amount we've sold, it's a LOT of your lives too. #CoffeeAddictsUnite

Listening to podcasts throughout the day help fuel the fire along the way. Some are business driven and some are just because they're oh so good! Current favorites are Serial, Online Marketing Made Easy w/ Amy Porterfield, Social Media Marketing Podcast, Love + Radio, and Death, Sex & Money. This is a range of business related & bad ass podcasts. Death, Sex & Money isn't for the faint at heart haha. Some topics are very off the wall, but I love a perspective into other peoples lives. Very interesting! Serial is REALLY good. Like this season ehhh, but the 1st season, OMG. I couldn't stop listening. I would be packing orders & right in the middle of it gasp at a new development lol. I'm a dork. If you like crime shows, you'll like serial. Season 2 is ok but definitely not as interesting as 1. 

Oh & in case you're new to these parts, I was ON a podcast! (I was nervous AF)

#3 : MUSIC!
Listening to podcasts throughout the day are good but most the time I have music on. Literally if the TV isn't on or a podcast, there's music on. Let's be honest, nothing beats shaking your ass (even if you're in an office chair). Even the most ass shaking song keeps you awake, keeps you motivated and keeps you going. Sometimes I love a good focus driven playlist. These are the ones you don't normally sing along to, or you do but they're more low key & mellow. BUT a lot of the time I like a good female empowerment, ass shaking, pump your fist, dance like a fool song. Hence my Keep Fucking Going playlist. And GUESS WHAT?! I've made it public on Spotify so you can follow and listennnnn! Click here to listen & follow! (If you have Spotify clicking below will play it in your device, you can click follow there). Oh & it's a plethora of songs & genres. It's what keeps me going haha. 

And if all else fails, I NAP! Then get up and get back to the fuckin hustle. That's the low down, dirty, truth. That's a glimpse at my daily life lol. 

So fellow hustlers, girl bosses, and kick as chicks. What's your go to coffee drink, podcast or playlist to help your day move along?

Tell me below!!

And then get back to work! :)

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  • DLow

    Yaaaaassss! Your playlist just because my life soundtrack. My main go to is black coffee and SXM Fly radio station. Gets me through my days.

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