WTF Ring

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Because you know you say it more than 30 times a day. Ring or middle finger, you choose!

  • Width:4mm 
  • Thickness:2mm 
  • In U.S. sizes

Customer Reviews

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Lesa C.
Love it!!

Nice quality!

Bev K.
F-ing beautiful

It's extremely well made, the letters are perfectly legible, the sizing is exactly what I wanted, It's comfortable, and looks to be highly durable. Generally, I can't say enough positive shit about this ring.

True WTF

Love these! All day long this is me- I wear these stacked on my thumb left so as I type an email to a dumbass I look down quite frequently and remind myself WTF!!!

Perfection! Love it!!

I’ve had this ring a while & this one is for my oldest granddaughter, straight outta high school, Class of 2020! WTF indeed!! Hopefully classes will be on campus & not on line. Too much family togetherness. Poor baby! They will be so much stronger because of this. Crappy lessons to learn but life definitely isn’t fair. They will overcome this shit & go on to do amazing things!!

Monica B.
Best WTF Ever

I love this ring. The engraving is crisp, the band is light but sturdy. I love that I can easily turn it to be SFW (but I often forget, sorrynotsorry) (but it is *technically* SFW because it isn't *actually* swears, right? right). I might have purchased several, including STFU and FUCK in different colors.