222 Angel Number Necklace

222 Angel Number Necklace

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I chose the 222 for how it relates to self-care, and symbolizes harmony, balance, and connections. More of which I think we ALL need lately. Constantly seeing the 222 angel number on clocks, bank statements, or social media provides an opportunity to take a moment, reflect on your life journey, and realign with your soul’s purpose. 222 calls you to reconnect with your inner strengths as well as your most important relationships; to foster a strong sense of self that is open and ready to embrace its highest good.

Wear it as a reminder to take a deep breath, seek balance and harmony, and take care of yourself before anything else.

  • Babe Co. exclusive 222 angel number necklace
  • Stainless steel, 18k gold plated, 20" chain
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