The Person I Am: Overwhelm + Owning Who You Are

Inspiration and strength have never come from traditional places for me. I have always been someone who has come out stronger on the other side of adversity. I am truly a “when the going gets tough” kind of person, so it should come as no question as to why I was drawn to Metal Marvels. No hanging cat inspirational poster would do for me; I am far more a “Do No Harm But Take No Shit” kind of girl.

When I first saw that Katie and Metal Marvels were looking for guest bloggers I immediately thought about all the badass things these bangles represent. But the more I tried to write this epic all-encompassing girl boss, body positive, hustling, #dogmomaf,  badass piece the more I struggled.

You can ask Katie, I sent her screenshots of 8-10 windows open with a sentence or two on each. I had so many ideas about what I could “be” that I completely froze. I knew that I wanted it to be this grand message about the inspiration, creativity, and strength that they encompass. What I forgot was that my message is unique to me and therefore what they mean to me will be different than what they mean to you, that my epic badass inspirational post would fall flat to many.  I forgot something that I try so hard to encourage others to look at and celebrate; I forgot myself, and everything that I am.

One of the biggest reasons I think I am drawn to so many pieces in this collection is that they represent so many pieces of me, the person I was, the person I am, and the person I still want to become. They remind me that I am the person in charge of my destiny; I won’t be silenced or stopped.

They remind me that I have overcome big big things, huge fucking things and am still here. They remind me to collaborate instead of competing. They remind me to own my shit. They remind me to stand up for myself but do so with kindness.

They remind me that I am part of a tribe of strong like-minded women who stand up for what we believe in.  They remind me of the time I was brave enough to do a boudoir shoot with only my bangles on. They remind me of the time I went to a networking event all by myself, I was scared shitless but I did it. They remind me of the time I had to own up to a big mistake.  They remind me to keep my standards high. They remind me its ok to have thick thighs.

But my favorite thing they remind me of? The person I am.



Stephanie is a freshly 30-year-old blogger and self-proclaimed 9-5 lover living in San Diego, California with her husband and her dog Bones. Much of her writing and inspiration comes from her daily life which includes working an often more than a full-time job (and loving it!), home ownership, marriage and more - Stephanie has an eclectic style and has been known to wear cowboy boots to black tie events and ballgowns to the beach!

She can be found at and @bubblesandbones on Instagram!

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  • Jilly Allen

    Love this! Great reminder that there are like minded women out there being themselves, being strong and being unique despite the avalanche of media crap trying to tell us what to be!

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