In With The New, Year.

Well babes, it is 2017!! Can you believe it?

Because I sure as shit can't haha. I swear it was not too long ago that I was trying to figure out which direction I wanted this store to go. 

2016 has been a huge year for Metal Marvels. Mid year I completely rebranded, redesigned and revamped the website, logo, etc. It was the scariest thing but best thing I've ever done. In 2016 this brand grew to places I had only dreamed of. 2016 was a damn good year. Mostly because our customers are amazing and I love finding you babes who align with our message, who are tired of societal norms and are wanting like minded people who tell you it's OK to be bold and be badass. 

Although I am sad to see 2016 end, I am so excited for what's to come. 2017 is going to be even bigger and more badass. I'm working on new things ALL the time and I hope you love all of it. Starting with our line of bangles & cursing jewelry has officially been named, the Expletives™ collection! I heard Chelsea Handler say "find something you really give a shit about and go after it," and nothing's ever resonated more. This store + you babes, are what I give a shit about. I wake up every single day excited to do what I do. I get excited that I get to bring you badass product, engage with all of you, and encourage you through words + actions to be your true self no matter what. 

I am honored that there are tons of women in over 30 countries wearing the things I create + sell. Thank you for being a part of this journey and this community. Strap in babe because 2017 is going to fucking rock!

[ the (currently) purple haired lady in charge ]


  • Chelsi Christians

    Hi ;)
    i just want to say that you are amazing! I am SO happy I stumbled upon your insta. i was checking out your stuff and fell in love with the idea behind it, and the messages you provide. I just ordered my first bangle and I cant wait to buy more and more!
    I will also be checking in with your blog daily!!!! Thankyou so much
    xoxoxox -Chelsi Christians

  • Denise

    Katie … I fucking LOVE your bracelets! I am such a potty mouth – I work with all guys and can put them to shame some days. I have the eff you see Kay & cu next Tuesday bracelets for starters. I wear a great collection of bracelets every day and these are the most awesome additions to my collection. Keep creating and rock the fuck on! Much luck and success always ~

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