#IAMMETALMARVELS Part 1: Our CEO Katie’s Story

The start of the #iammetalmarvels project ✨

I wanted to create this project because I wanted to further expand this badass community we have. We want to share YOUR stories. We want to know why you bought the items you did, what they mean to you, why you identify with the brand, etc. If you purchased them for someone going through a rough time, or yourself, we want to know that. Tell us your story! Click here to email us your story! Today, we’ll start with mine.

For those who don’t know, that’s me. Katie. 👋🏼 I’m the CEO, creator + voice of the brand. I wanted to share my story + why #iammetalmarvels . I am Metal Marvels in more ways than one. I own the company but also, my heart + soul is in this company.

After an incident in high school that crushed my self esteem I was broken for a while. A few years after high school I realized just how little anyone else’s opinion mattered to my life. I decided to fully embrace all that I am. I’m bold, loud, curvy, covered in tattoos, have purple hair + curse like a fucking sailor.

Being that girl, I couldn’t find anything to fully embody that in jewelry. So I created it myself. Expletives + Affirmations are all a physical embodiment of different moods, motivation, situations, and my outlook on life. No matter what is happening in my life, there is a phrase (or multiple) to fit each situation. Nothing has been more amazing than seeing that you babes identify + love so many of them. Like it’s pretty fucking fantastic. 🖤

So, why are you Metal Marvels? What made you buy the items you did? How do they make you feel? Why do they mean something to you? Share YOUR story on social media + use #iammetalmarvels + tag us in the pic. Or email it to use at info@metalmarvels.com 💋


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  • Lena

    Because I need a reminder now and again that..I Am worthy. Or giggle when I see some “I love Jesus but I say fuck alot”! Or see what everyone (myself included) already know “I run in caffeine and cuss words”!!! LMAO
    Because I’ve been thru too much. And need encouragement. I am really depressed & want to find my way back to a balanced place. Doesn’t help that I am on disability with chronic pain & multiple things wrong with my back! (I’ll save y’all from the long complicated diagnoses!!) I am pissed at this bitch of a body for betraying me!! But know I should be lovin up on myself. I’m a work in progress!
    And because Katie? All y’all? Every single fuckin person here is so damned fuckin real! And we’re all women stumbling our way through life & are being SUPPORTIVE of each other!!! And that bloody fuckin rocks!!!

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