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If you're anything like me, you tend to not believe in the typical "ladylike" notion that has been placed upon us women. For those of you who aren't familiar with the technical definition... Here ya go:

ˈlādēˌlīk/  adjective
This is What Ladylike Looks Like Bangle

Well I think that's a bunch of.... BS, hehe. 

Women today are changing the way women are "supposed" to behave. 
And that's not necessarily a bad thing. 
Quite frankly, I think it's a great thing!
I don't think society should dictate how you act. I think your morals should.
My morals say that it's quite alright to use Fuck in every sentence if I want to.
Or yell Shit! when I stub my toe. 
Hence why I am the BIGGEST fan of our Expletives collection. 
Each piece is a wrench in societies plan of how a woman should be.
It's something for everyone. 
Leave us a comment below about how YOU feel about ladylike, how you defy the notion, or something along those lines. We want to hear from you!
Life is too short not to live on the edge, so what are you waiting for?
Find your flavor.

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  • Lena

    What is a lady? For ME? It can be a combination of fuckin both! I love ol pinup style clothing that was deemed very lady like. My favorite color is fuckin PINK!!! I love anything sparkly and/or shiny! (I maaay have been a Vegas showgirl or a fish in my past life I think!! LMAO)I have manners. And believe manners matter. I believe I want to stay classy even if someone pisses me the fuck off being a giant asshole. Not gonna give them the satisfaction or sink to their level. I wanna be a good person even if they’re not. I believe we can dress any way we want to! I am not my body. I am a soul that happens to have a body. That fuckin loves tattoos & knows I’ll probably never be done getting them! That loves playing with make-up but also wants to go mudding! I am trying my damndest to love this body that’s fuckin betrayed me. But being a woman, am amazed & in awe that my body sustained, protected, nourished and grew a person inside me!! I guess what I’m trying to say is being a lady? What that looks like? Is up to you!!! Whether ya do choose to be old fashioned lady like, a tom boy, a cross between a trucker/sailor/and your mother, whether you’re a rocker. Punk. Even preppy (those quiet “good” ones?) Those are the fuckers we probably gotta look out for sometimes!! A 90’s kid til the end. A friend, mother, sister, single, gf/wife, or independent fuckin bad ass boss lady CEO!
    Whatever! This lady? Thanks Katie for starting & running what you do. YOU SOOO matter. And have changed the world having changed us!!! Thank-you!

  • Kelle Dame

    Thank you for this! Keep going because you inspire so of us!!

  • Sara

    You are literally my spirit animal. Thank you for creating this business and for allowing me to be the sweary unladylike mama I am meant to be each and every time I wear one of my bangles. They are everything. You are amazing. Here’s to great things in 2018.

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