A Day of Service on MLK Jr. Day

Yesterday was a day of remembering, a day of service, and a reminder that you don't need a special day to do some good. Obviously as extremely visible with our brand, we heavily believe in equality, love all around, and a judgement free zone. 

Yesterday felt like the perfect day. Sunday night I was thinking about people around my city and how I could do something. Going to the parade seemed fun but I knew there was more that could be done. I decided I wanted to continue our mission of female empowerment and find a shelter that caters to women and children who are currently enduring domestic violence, those that have survived it, and those who are flourishing beyond it. 

I found Safe House NV and wanted to donate to the women they help. Doing good doesn't have to cost a lot. I repeat, doing good doesn't have to cost a lot. A lot of people put off donating because they don't have the money. Keep in mind that even a $5 or $10 McDonalds card can help someone at least get a meal. Don't have money? You can donate canned goods that aren't expired but aren't getting used. You can donate your time. It's free and trust me I know time is money, but the good will and good feelings you get back, are worth the time you donate to someone. 

I went to Target and shopped the dollar spot to grab some good shit for cheap. I got $5 power banks for their cell phones, $3 scarves, $1 socks and more. Then got clearance clothing for women and kids, clearance toiletries, first aid kits, feminine hygiene stuff, and all that good shit. 

I dropped it all off today. I had been soured as a teenager to the idea of in person donations because a food back made me feel like my donation didn't mean shit. Today was different. They were extremely grateful, you could tell that these items made a difference, and they said they would call the shelter to immediately come pick it all up so they can get it to women asap. I don't need to be pat on the back for my good deed. But I do need to see that the items will do good for people in need. They showed me that today and gave me a giant huge. Today was a damn good day. 

Every day doesn't need to be an extravagant shopping trip. You can change the trajectory of someones day simply by paying for their coffee, smiling at a stranger, and/or holding the door open just a tad longer for the next person. Do good. Be Kind. It's Gangster.


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