My First Podcast Interview + Some Spoilers I Let Fly

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 Hey gorgeous!

Alright, so I did something crazy. I was on a Podcast!
Holy crap! I know, I can't believe it either.
I was absolutely honored to be asked by Josh Ploch of the Owner's Toolbox,
to be his first guest of Season 2. 
He and Kersten were amazing and definitely a great first Podcast expereince.
Their podcast is really great for those thinking about starting a business, already started and trying to figure things out, and those in the growth stage wanting to learn more. 
You know how much I love fellow #GirlBosses and how I want us all to succeed.
This podcast will teach you more about my start, my journey, and where Metal Marvels is headed.
Even if you haven't started yet, or you've been in the game for a while, it's a good listen.
And I don't mean just because I'm on it, but their range of guests bring different things to the table and I think it's ALWAYS a good idea to keep learning. 

They're now in Season 2. 
I totally suggest going on iTunes and listening to Season 1,
you'll even hear a familiar voice of Kristi from Nobella Grace.
If you want to hear all their other episodes go here
Click the player below to listen to yours truly on the podcast! ♥
Oh, and you gotta listen to the end to catch the spoilers


Phew! Two things: I laugh a lot and I'm so glad I don't sound weird haha. 
If you listened all the way until the end you heard some spoilers. 
I didn't mean to let them out, it just sort of happened.
But hey, lit the fire to finish it sooner.
The bracelets I talked about will be taking place in March.
However, the new website, will be launching Wednesday!
Eek! Same web address, same store. 
New website. New look. Better shopping experience. Better everything! 

Want a sneak peek?
It's only a glimpse.

Should you log on and see the same website, clear your cache, and head back to our website.
Can't wait for you to see it Wednesday!
I put so much work into it, wanted it to be something a little more simple, easier to navigate and find what you're looking for, and of course better to look at.
I think I achieved all of it. 
Can't wait to see what you think!

Comment below and tell me what you thought about the Podcast.


  • Charae

    Finally had a chance to listen to the full podcast. Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to start my own business. Your podcast has motivated and inspired me to be a boss babe, be fearless, and build my empire! Thank you for all your ground breaking strides and continuing to inspire bad ass bitches like me!!!

  • Lisa G.

    I’m so excited and happy for you! Loved the podcast and hearing how you are growing and what is coming as well. You’re awesome!
    Love you,

  • Rhonda

    If I was going to start a business, I would totally want you for my mentor. Your positive attitude, friendly, caring personality & sunny smile come through in your voice & the interview. I love your laugh & that you laugh often during the podcast. Yay for the new website!! And the bracelets $ giving back!! Love you!!

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