3 Reasons Why You Need Unique & Spicy Decor

So much of what's available in all the stores is so basic. Want words? You get that tacky Rae Dunn thing or a live, laugh, love. Want sparkle? It's even worse. Sass is hard to find, and sometimes, your couch needs to have as much attitude as you. Not to mention, it tells guests just how sassy you are.

1. Spice Up the Boring Decor

The typical items in stores are just so boring and basic. You know that we don't do boring around here. If you're not familiar, we don't do a damn thing in this life, boring. Why not have pillows on display that add way more excitement to your living room? Or offer drinkware that makes them fucking giggle? See, what a better way to live.

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2. Show Your Guests How Colorful Your Language Is

I feel like if they’re at your house, they likely know the kind of person you are and how you spice up your sentences. But maybe it’s a new neighbor, or something like that. What better way to lay the groundwork of who you are than spicy decor. It’s a sure fire way to find your people too. The minute they complement your pillows, you know it’s a match.

3. It's a Conversation Starter

Nothing starts a conversation faster than an I Fucking Hate People Pillow, or them passing your bedroom on the way to the bathroom and seeing the We Fucked Here pillow. Better yet, keep that one on the couch too.

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