2 Ways To Curse at Work

I know you're thinking, what the actual fuck are you talking about Katie? If I curse at work I'd get fired... And you probably just made a shocked face (like Bey)...
Well girl, I've got your back!
We all know I'm a connoisseur of curse words haha. Sometimes it's just not the place to say them, like at work, you know if your boss isn't down with that. Or got kids running around who can kinda read... I wear our Triple Fuck Cutout daily buuuut I wanted to create something that allowed you to get away with it without anyone knowing. 
To curse in secret:
Want to hide it? We've got you!
With these, they'd have to be in your personal space to figure out what they say. Sooo we all know they won't be reading them haha.
Of course if it doesn't matter, we've got the full blown message. Stay tuned for the next blog post featuring those! Until then, curse like a girl + keep kickin life's ass. ♥

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