10 MUST HAVE Items for Intelligent Women Who Curse Like Sailors

For bold women, cursing isn’t something you do occasionally. Typically you use the profane words like commas. We all know a good F-bomb clears that throat chakra and really feels good. While others may think it’s not ladylike, we think it’s ladylike as fuck.
Show your love for profanity with the following must-have, badass items all made by woman owned businesses. I've added codes if they have any discounts and you can use code: BOSSASFUCK on our site. 
Use code  FRESHAPPAREL20 at Fresh Apparel! 
Use code  BOSSAF for a bitchin deal! 
Happy shopping babes!

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  • Ann Holt

    Am a 62 year old fan of yours. You are a warrior and we have needed women like you forever. I’m late to the party but am right with you in giving no fucks whatsoever. Keep doing you xx

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