10 Metal Marvels MUST-HAVES to Boss Up Your Workspace

Whether you're Head Bitch in Charge of your own passion project or lending your sparkle to some fucking cubicle, time spent at work tends to eat up a large portion of the week.

However just because you're busy getting shit done and playing nice with others, doesn't mean need you need to tone it down one single bit when it comes to being your badass, boss as fuck self in the workplace.

The following items from Metal Marvels have got your back when it comes to flaunting your boldness while putting a little quirk in your workspace.

Here we go! 

1. This Fucking Desk Calendar

This sassy desk calendar is the perfect thing to help you keep track of your time when the endless meetings and deadlines have stolen all your fucks.

The Expletives™ Agenda Calendar- $16.99

2. This Badass To-Do List

Got shit to do? Stay on track and get it done with this badass list pad to help you stay organized.

Get Shit Done List- $15.99

3. This Sassy AF Tumbler

Just in case you need something to hold your coffee to get through the meeting you have, after the meeting you had, before the next meeting you have coming up.

I Survived Another Meeting Tumbler- $34.99

4. This Glorious Mug

Maybe your workplace isn't a fan of F-bombs and sassy shit. Fuck 'em! Get in your daily dose of feisty sass, low-key hidden in this badass design that flaunts your rightful place in the Metal Marvels league of badass mold-breaking women.

I Am Metal Marvels Metallic 11oz. Mug- $18.99

5. This Dainty Bangle

You play the starring role in your workspace, so why not boss up the place by accessorizing? Bring a little professional flavor with this thin bangle reminder of the vibe you bring to the table.

Professional AF Bangle- $29.99

6. This Warning Necklace

When you're asked to come in on a Saturday, let your necklace do the talking. Also works for requests to attend meetings, stay late or help fix the copier.

No. Necklace- $32.99

7. This Friendly Reminder Keychain

Whether it's a reminder to stay the course because better things are coming, or simply inspiration to keep on hustling, the first step is to always keep fucking going. Rinse and repeat.

Keep Fucking Going Keychain- $17.99

8. This Feisty Bottle

Because even bold, dominant babes need to stay hydrated.

Burn Bridges 17oz. Bottle- $26.99

9. This Chipper Mug

A morning person? Fuck yes you are! Brighten up the day of your coworkers with this happy morning greeting. Have a great day... motherfuckers.

Good Morning Motherfuckers 15oz. Mug

10. These Straws

The mark of a true boss babe is giving a shit about things beyond themselves. These stainless steel straws are washable, reusable and environmentally friendly. Even with small acts, you can lead by example.

Stainless Steel Straws- $2.99 (per each)

Which one suits you best?


10 Metal Marvels Must-Haves to Boss Up Your Workspace



10 Metal Marvels Must-Haves to Boss Up Your Workspace





  • Jamie

    I have never found anything that expresses what I’m feeling at any moment in the day the way your collections do. Love them all and I think they are all must haves!! Power on bitches!!

  • Kelli Owens

    I love love love the desk calendar and the new “So much shit to do” desk pad…both bring a little bit of my personality to work in a subtle way!

  • Amanda Cross

    My favorite is definitely the new desk pad! I got the “So Much Shit To Do” desk pad for my office space, and it really brightens my day. I also have my eye on that I Survived tumbler! I need it to be the next one in my collection!

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