No. Ring

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No is a full sentence and now you can wear it in plain sight. Ring or middle finger, you choose!

  • Width:4mm 
  • Thickness:2mm 
  • In U.S. sizes

Customer Reviews

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Kay D.
Always the Best!

I love my rings and mask!! The “Fuck It” ring pushes me to exercise, and the “No” ring reminds me to rest. Perfect for my MS and me!

Ashlee G.
Love it!

Perfect stacked with my Fuck ring 🤣

Jessica C.
Super comfy fit

I love wearing this as a thumb ring and it’s so cute! Great quality and just fits my style perfectly. I like having a reminder that No is a complete sentence.

Kaye L.

Got a nice little piece of jewelry to remind myself that "No." is a complete sentence.

I wear myself out explaining things, excusing things for other people, justifying things, sticking up for myself, having to prove myself over and over. It's exhausting, especially when some people seem committed to not understanding me.

I'm seriously trying to no longer waste time and energy on things that don't serve me. I've never felt more grown up in my life.

The ring itself has a great weight to it, is thicker than I expected, and is a perfect size 7. ❤

Tracie S.
Soo badass

I love the fit, style and quality!